Terms & Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions

Money Back Guarantee 

If your not satisfied within 30 minutes of your journey we will provide an unconditional refund.

How many passengers can Aqua Donut accommodate? 
Our “Aqua Donut” can seat up to 10 adults including kids. Due to safety and government regulations, maximum number of people allowed on board is ten including kids.

Can I talk to someone on phone for general inquiries or to make a booking?

Yes call 03 8677 0899 or  support@aquadonut.com and we will get back to you within 4 hours if not earlier. You can chat to us on facebook!

How soon should I arrive for my booking? 
You will need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your booking so we can brief you and go through checklists.

Is it safe and suitable for kids?
Our “Aqua Donut” is very stable and safe for kids and they will have a great time on it too. Let us know in advance how many children under five are on-board

Do I need a boat licence to operate it?
No. Our “Aqua Donut” is designed to meet the special requirements of hire without a boat licence. You will, however, need photo identification.

Is there an age limit on the person who will operate Aqua Donut?
A person must be 20 years of age or older to operate “Aqua Donut” with full motor vehicle license. If you are under 20, you will not be allowed to drive. However, you will be able to use it while berthed.

Is the shade waterproof?
Unfortunately, shade is not waterproof although it can protect you from light drizzle. Aqua Donut doesn't operate in rain or in strong winds. Please bring a hat with you in case we are not able to open the shade due to strong wind on extreme hot day. 

Do I need to have any boating experience?
No. We specialize in introducing people to a safe and fun experience. Our “Aqua Donut” is very easy to operate and you will be a pro in no time. Instructions to operate the engine are provided at the start and are also available on “Aqua Donut”.

Can more than one person drive “Aqua Donut” or we need to nominate a driver?
Someone over the age of 19 will need to be nominated to drive “Aqua Donut”. We will also be taking the driver’s license details of the nominated driver.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your own food,beverages, camera to capture the fun moments music and a hat in case of extreme hot weather to have a rocking time!

Is there an Esky or Cool Box on board?
Yes you can pre-order an  Esky with ice so you don't have to bring your own. on board so you will need to bring your own which can be easily place at the entrance of Aqua Donut. Ice bags can be ordered in advance.

Are there any restrictions using BBQ's

Yes we don't allow BBQ's to be enabled on days exceeding 40c or winds greater than 20 knots for safety reasons. On hot days bags of Ice can be provided in small Esky's if ordered in advance and we recommend "cold cut meals" on hot or windy days. BBQ's are allowed from 6:30pm at night. 

Can I play music from my phone or Ipod?
 We can provide a free Bluetooth "boom box" speaker  which can be easily connected to a smart phone wirelessly. Instructions to connect will be available on board.  

What does the hire fee cover?
The hire fee includes driving time, safety equipment, BBQ, Cutlery (plates, forks, knives, tissues and BBQ serving tray) and Rubbish Bag.

How far can I go with the “Aqua Donut”?

You will be driving to the designated yellow markers in the middle of the water and hooking the Aqua Donut there and enjoy the picturesque surroundings of Docklands while chilling and grilling. You CAN NOT drive them around for the duration of the hire as they only have small batteries which can handle only 30 minutes of drive time which is enough to take you to marker, come back for a toilet break if required and then go back to marker. PLEASE NOTE - YOU WILL BE CHARGED A $250 FEE TO TOW YOU BACK IF YOU KEEP DRIVING AND BATTERY RUNS OUT. THE FEE WON'T BE CHARGED IF BATTERY RUNS OUT WHILE LEAVING THE DOCK OR WHILE COMING BACK TO DOCK.

Can I stay out longer than the duration the “Aqua Donut” is booked for?

No. We operate on very strict time slots and you will have to pay extra if you are not back on time. Late fee of $50.00 per fifteen minutes will be charged.

What happens if I return early?

Unfortunately we can’t refund hire fee if you decide to come back early.

What happens if I make a booking and the weather is bad?

We offer a bad weather guarantee for our customers who have pre-booked “Aqua Donut”. If poor weather prevents safe sailing, then you can simply reschedule dates and time over a 12 month period without any additional administration charges. You may ask for a refund for bookings made after the 25th of Feb 2018. I Poor weather is determined on the www.bom.gov.au site. Winds must not exceed 20 knots be raining  or have a storm or wind warning for safety reasons these conditions are non-negotiable.

Are life jackets provided on “Aqua Donut”?

Yes. Life jackets are provided and need to be worn at all times as well as all other equipment and are stored under the seats to comply with Marine Safety Victoria requirements. Please Note – If you inflate the life jacket for any reason other than emergency, you will be charged $100 per life jacket.

Do I need to clean up?

Yes, you will need to make sure that Aqua Donut is returned back in a clean state. Please put all the rubbish in the rubbish bag provided and dispose off. You don’t need to clean the BBQ. If the Aqua Donut is not returned in a clean state, a cleaning fee of $100.00 will apply which will be deducted from the bond.

Can I do fishing?

No. “Aqua Donut” is designed to chill and grill. You are not allowed to carry any fishing equipment on board.

Can I drink alcohol?

Nominated driver can consume alcohol but state restrictions apply, must be less than 0.05,  passengers are allowed to have moderate alcohol. Authorities will be notified if we find out that alcohol is being consumed by driver or if you are being abusive with our staff and you will forfeit your security deposit. The Water Police regularly patrol the area to ensure safe boating for everybody. Any drug use is strictly prohibited and offenders are automatically reported to the police.

Can I go swimming?

No. Swimming from “Aqua Donut” is strictly not allowed as it may lead to injury to the person or damage the floating device.

Are pets allowed?

As much as we love pets like you do, unfortunately due to safety and government regulations, pets are not allowed on board.

Who should I contact in case of emergency?

Call our dedicated fleet support number 0420 784 377. It is answered at all times during your outing. Depending on where the emergency situation occurs, it may not always be possible for a representative of “Aqua Donut” to be the first on the scene to offer assistance. In case of serious emergency it may be necessary to call the Emergency Services. Police, Fire and Ambulance can be contacted by dialling 000 or 112 from a mobile phone, even when there may not be full reception. If the vessel loses power and is at the mercy of the river current, the hirer’s first option is to call a representative of “Aqua Donut” to request assistance if required. Only after this option has failed to offer the necessary aid should one of the alternative emergency response organisations be called. For medical emergencies 000 should be called and arrangements made with the Police, Fire or Ambulance.

How do I pay?

You will be required to make full payment by credit card during the time of booking. A$500 security deposit is required prior to boarding.

Can I pay cash on hire?

No. We do not have any facility to collect cash at the hire facility.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

You can ask one of your guests to provide credit card as there is no other way to complete a booking.

What happens if I make a booking and my plans change?

We understand that plans can change, therefore we provide our customers with the option to reschedule bookings to another date within a 12 month period. Refunds are not provided. Bookings can be cancelled four days before without penalty. Within four days a $50 admin charge does apply. No admin fee for bad weather on the day!

What about security bond and insurance?

The hirer must leave a $500 bond per “Aqua Donut” for the duration of the hire. The bond covers the insurance premium excess on each “Aqua Donut” and any damage to it. The hirer is ultimately responsible for any damage to the “Aqua Donut” for the duration of the hire. The bond needs to be paid by a credit card at the time of taking charge of Aqua Donut. You will forfeit full security deposit if nominated driver consumes alcohol or if passengers are too drunk, being abusive with our staff or any damage to the boats.

When is my bond returned?

The bond is a pre-authorization and we do not withdraw the money. The pre-authorization  will be returned to your credit card within 8 - 14 business days however some banks take even longer, we have no control over this so don't call us to release the bond please. If you place the bond by cash, the bond will be returned to you as soon as you bring back the “Aqua Donut” in a condition you took it away and obeyed the t&c's above. 

My gift card is expired can I reactivate it?

There is an administration charge of $100 to reactivate an expired gift card or voucher.

Are franchises available?

Yes, please contact us at support@aquadonut.com to discuss further.